Research and Training Campus

IMG_0652Boustan-E-Sabz is performing researches, and trainings for afghan growers to develop their skills and improve the quality of afghan agriculture products. There are more than 50,000 fruit trees, different fruit twigs in the nursery, 40 green houses, more than 10,000 grape vines and other fresh vegetables in our farm campus covering around 120,000,0 square meters land.

Goals and Objectives:

The purpose of the research and training campus is to create job opportunities for the people of the region, to expand the modern agricultural methods and practices, plant protections and trainings and as well as promoting modern agricultural apparatuses. Beside all the agricultural values BES farm also produces organic fresh and natural fruits and vegetables.

The BES’s research and training campus is powered with a modern farming system and professional manpower. Farming lands are being compartmentalized in particular and organized plots, access roads and road tracks are typically designed to simplicity farming operations.

Plant protection:

We believe the logical solution to organic pest control is to create a balance of organisms in the farms and orchards. In a diverse ecosystem pest populations are regulated naturally. Development of this balance relies on products that minimize harm to pollinators and other beneficial insects. Traps & Lures are used to identify the presence of pests, and to help control them. If garden pests are present the least-toxic solutions should be used first — Barriers & Repellents, Beneficial Insects, Biological Pesticides, Soaps and Oils — with the more toxic (but short lived) Botanical or Natural Insecticides used only if necessary. BES strongly takes in account naturally and biologically production methods which can gain the market trusts. No chemically treatment and plant protection is allowed in the frame of BES’s farming systems.

Fresh fruits and vegetables Production:

The BES’s farm produces different varieties of organic and high quality fresh fruits such as; apples, apricots, almonds, grapes, plums and many more high value fruits. Along the fruit production, the farm produces high value, organic and most regularly usable vegetables such as; tomatoes, sweet peppers and chilies, onions green and Spanish, parsley, cucumbers and more locally and globally demanded crops.

Green Houses:

The long term farming goals and all season production is the sole target of BES in order to fulfill the markets and consumers demands year round. BES now owns 40 green houses in its farm campus. These green houses are built in a modern system to extend the productivity season of most demanded high valued crops.