Afghanistan has the world’s finest fresh and dried fruits products but the export sector has been very slow to focus on exporting these high-demanding products abroad.

Recent development and adequate focus on export sector facilitated the business organizations to introduce Afghan unique products to international markets.

For that reason, Boustan Sabz Agriculture Company initiated the contribution to help Afghan farmers sell out their products while serving its customers with the best quality fruits; the company has exported several tons of fresh Afghan apricots to India.

Apricots exported by our Company are very tasty, with a nice aroma. Its skin is thin and velvety, with a yellow-orange color; that can be eaten as fresh fruit, compote, juice, as well as sweets, etc.

Apricot is the fourth most important perennial crop after grapes (raisins), pistachio and almonds, and is a priority crop in the master plan of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL). For 6% of the farmers, apricots are the most important cash crop.

The demand for Afghan fruit products is facing a constant growth in the regional countries, particularly in India, this encourages Afghan farmers and private sector to strive more and meet customers demand on quality and appropriate packing.