Almond is one of the most essential nut fruits grown in a vast area of Afghanistan. The most important parts of the country where almond is grown on a commercial basis are Balkh, Takhar. Kunduz, Baghlan, Saripul, Samangan, Zabol, Urozgan, Kandahar and Herat. Almond grown in hot, dry region of eastern Asia area is deemed to be originated in Afghanistan. Almond needs a hot dry climate.

Different varieties of almond need chilling units which ranged from 300 to 600 chilling hours with a temperature below 7.2 Centigrade. Deep, well-drained, fertile, clay loam soil is required for almond. Almond, which blooms early, are very sensitive, against spring frost. In order to avoid spring frost Almond which blooms early are very sensitive, against spring frost. In order to avoid spring frost wind beak should be planted.

There are more than 67 varieties of almonds in Afghanistan. The most prominent ones are Satar Bayee, Abdul Wahidi, Qambari, Khairudini, Qahar Bayee, Kaghazi, Murawaja etc, all the almond are budded on seedling mostly on bitter ones but sometimes-sweet verity is also used as rootstocks. Seedling has a strong rooting system, which is very resistant against saline soil and tolerant against drought. Almond orchard should be established either on the southern or western slope of the site Sapling should be planted in a hole with a size xlxl meter.

Most of the almond varieties are self-incompatible for their pollination, therefore, it needs two different cross-compatible varieties to be planted during orchard establishment with one beehive per jerib in order to have a high yield. Chemical fertilizers are applied in split doses in three different times, during spring, after flowering in autumn. Almond reproductive buds are mostly produced on spur but some on a one-year-old shoot, so it should be trained with the open-center system.

Almond flower bud development initiated in autumn lasts until February. Almond nut ripens within 75 days. Almond harvesting starts from July and lasts until September. Almond should be harvested when pericarp is strong enough and dehulling is started before dropping from the tree. Harvesting should be done in a way that spurs along with bark are not damaged.

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