Boustan Sabz Agriculture Company is a registered Company with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

FDA is a globally recognized Food and Drug Safety certificate, which means that food and beverage producers can be sure that their facilities will comply with the standards for acquisition, production, and safe processing. The FDA also inspects and enforces regulations related to these industries.

All companies that decide to export products to the United States have to process their registration with the FDA Food and Drug Administration.

Therefore, organizations that manufacture, re-pack, or re-label products in the aforementioned industries must register with the FDA, with the exception of cosmetics, where registration is voluntary.

Benefits of having FDA certification

  • FDA Certification can help a company enter new markets, attract more customers, and use alternative sales and marketing channels.
  • In times of globalization, a company can create world-wide comparative values through the introduction and certification of standards.
  • FDA Certification fulfills the possible requirements of customers and business partners and has better chances with tenders.
  • FDA certification can certify product quality to customers and business partners by the neutral proof of a third party and give security to a company.
  • With FDA certification the customer orientation, performance as well as the quality of products and safety will be visible to outsiders.