According to a Fresh Plaza report, “China’s fruit imports have grown rapidly in recent year’s thanks, in part, to the growing population of the nation’s middle class and the emergence of a new generation of consumers willing to spend more on healthy foods.”

China fruit imports/exports data show that in 2018 “China imported 5.5 million tons of fruit worth $ 8.42 billion, a growth of 34.5% compared to 2017. It is possible that in 2019 more products and more countries will be exported to China.

Imported fruit is becoming increasingly popular in the Chinese market. The Chinese traders are very interested in trying their luck in the import and export business. However, the fruit industry is currently very worried: cold chain management is far from perfect. If fruit spoils during storage or during transport, it reduces the profit margins of importers and fruit traders, and this, in turn, drives up the costs for the end-user.

There are currently not many Chinese apples on the market. This is due to the bad weather recorded during the cultivation of the fruit. Due to last year’s disappointing crop, supply is much lower than in other years, but demand remains high, so the price of apples is currently higher than in previous years.

The export of Chinese apples is also weaker than in other years, as the price is no longer competitive enough for the export market. It is, therefore, more profitable to sell the fruit on the domestic market. Apples are also a popular product consumed during the Chinese New Year, so the price remains high.

China imports many apples, and those from Poland recorded significant growth this year. This is mainly because the price of Polish apples is very competitive and Chinese consumers appreciate their taste. Apples from the United States are also very popular. Despite the high import rates the government has set for apples, they are still well imported because they are very popular in the country. Many apples are also imported from Afghanistan, but they are still little known and are now highly publicized.

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