Boustan Sabz Agriculture Company has successfully participated in eProd Training Program

We are happy to announce that Boustan Sabz Agriculture Company has conducted and completed the Training program of eProd Learning Management System, or LMS. In two sessions. The first session was started and completed from 14th April 2019 to 17th April 2019 whereas the second session was conducted and completed from 8th July 2019 to 9th July 2019 respectively.

Management Solutions for Agribusiness

eProd is a proven and affordable solution that is designed to handle large numbers of suppliers. It enables you to respond to the requirements of your demanding markets and to address the management challenges that aggregators and food processors experience while sourcing from large numbers of small-scale suppliers.

What if weather information can assist you to predict; When and what to plant? When and how much to irrigate? What pests to scout and treat for? When what and how much to fertilize?  When the harvest will be? How much yield is expected? When an insurance payout triggers? When and what to spray? #eProd Solutions and aWhere partner to lift agriculture for smallholder farmers to the next level.

Here is how can eProd training program be useful to Boustan Sabz Agriculture Company:

  • eProd provides an affordable, flexible and automated way of controlling an agribusiness.
  • With the help of eProd we can control and digitalize the logistics activities of our collection center.
  • With the help of eProd we can communicate effectively with farmers and employees, including using integrated SMS and email and creating reports to share with individual farmers.
  • By this application, we can add more information about a farmer and add it in-group.
  • We can send a message to a farmer regarding weather updates with all details in their cell phones, individually or in-group.
  • We can separate each farmer with different products to add them to a different group than we already make it.
  • We can manage the company finances and farmer transactions, including enabling mobile payments, automating payments for inputs and advances, and managing incentives.
  • We can also manage our agribusiness and employees, including monitoring the efficiency of our staff and improving decision-making, planning, and transparency through reliable reporting.
  • eProd has flexible system configurations, including a mobile application that works both online and off, and powerful API integrations.
  • eProd will improve the productivity of our farmers, including monitoring field activities, managing input distribution, and product aggregation, and enabling traceability and quality-based payments.
  • We can build closer relationships and tailor extension advice to individual farmers.
  • We can also track the timing of any transportation from its starting point until destination.