Boustan Sabz Agricultural Company, export department for the first time has conducted and completed export management coaching in two sessions. The first session was started & completed from 1st to 6th April, 2019, and the other session was conducted from 8th to 13th April, 2019 respectively. The management coaching was conducted for one of the exporting companies (Iqbal Bahadori Company) to improve their efficiency and effectiveness of exporting activities.

During export management, coaching session below five major areas/issues of export activities covered with SME.

  • Packaging and Labeling
  • Mandatory Certificates/Registrations and Buyer Standards
  • Customs and Duties
  • International Shipping by Sea and Freight
  • Export Planning and Pro-Forma Invoice

Feedback of SME after the completion of coaching session was very positive, as it was a beneficial program for their standardization, and for the professionalism in their daily activities and export business.

Through this program, they understand the values of export planning and checklist as they never had before and now they can develop both. The program was very useful and knowledgeable especially in the areas of Packaging & labeling, custom procedures, transportation methods, preparing invoice and other related activities.

The Export Management coaching initiative, which is an EU-funded trade-related assistance project, entitled Advancing Afghan Trade, implemented by International Trade Center (ITC).

ITC has a unique mandate in the United Nations system to promote increased competitiveness of SMEs in developing, transition and least developed countries and assisting them to better use trade as a platform for growth, development and employment creation.

The aim of this initiative is to assist the Afghan government in improving conditions of Export sector and trade as a lever for economic and human development and poverty reduction, and to build the capacity of the Afghan private sector to participate in global value-chains.

ITC is planning to launch a new initiative in 2019 to enhance SMEs’ compliance with export formalities in Afghanistan. In partnership with a team of “Export Management Coaches” (or EMCs), it will also provide on-the-job coaching services to a select group of SMEs.

The trade facilitation components of the project aim are to strengthen the capacity of the national trade facilitation committee and the private sector in Afghanistan to implement the WTO trade facilitation agreement (TFA) which entered into force on 22 February 2017.