Here are the three products with the greatest export potential, whose demand in different countries is growing. We must highlight the progressive trend towards agricultural products and, specifically, of the organic sector. Organic agriculture does not resort to technical solutions such as the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, or the genetic modification of organisms.

1- Organic food

The European Union has a market valued at 11.5 billion euros, which represents 48 percent of world trade. In particular, Germany is the country with the greatest development potential, the value of this market is 3.1 billion euros and has presented a steady increase since 2004 – its consumption in 2018 grew 250 percent.

Of the Latin American countries, Mexico is its second trading partner after Brazil and in organic products. Products with the potential market are apples, pears, cereals, legumes, seeds, and honey.

Destination countries: the European Union, the United States, Canada, Japan, and Korea.

2- Chiles and Spices

For SMEs that wish to start or diversify exports, it is recommended to enter Latin America. In addition to language and cultural similarities, the advantages of these markets are that there is a greater likelihood of acceptance of Afghan products, since tastes and trends are similar, as well as the way of doing business.

Latin America is a region with approximately 420 million inhabitants (without considering Mexico). Where seeds, peppers, and Spices are among the most demanded products in this area.

Products with the potential market are dried chili peppers of all kinds, oregano, pepper, basil and sesame seeds.

Destination countries: Colombia, Venezuela, Turkey, Israel, and Asian and Arab countries.

3- Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

The main markets with growing concern to consume healthy food, as well as a greater awareness for achieving sustainable development and better living standards for the rural population are located in economies of high economic development, such as the German one. This country occupies the third seat worldwide (after the United States and Japan), and is the largest market for herbs in the European Union.

Products with the potential market are valerian, arnica, orange blossoms, chamomile, tepezcohuite.

Destination countries: Germany, United States (Hispanic market), Spain, France, Japan, Holland, Switzerland, Italy, and Guatemala.

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