Dehydrated fruits have become one of the favorites of lovers of natural foods. However, there are some doubts and myths about the process of dehydration that negatively affects the perception of these.

For example, one of the most frequent mistakes is confusing candied fruits with dehydrated ones; the former usually contain greater amounts of added sugar, since they are submerged and cooked in syrup to achieve better conservation. While the dried ones are the product of a process, in which they reduce their humidity by 20% until they reach 20% of their weight normal.

Now, as we mentioned above, fresh fruits have a lot of nutrients and vitamins that help to lead a healthier life for people, but how different are they from dehydrated foods? Here we tell you which of these the best option according to your needs.

What provides more calories?

In addition to eliminating a large percentage of water, the process of dehydration makes fructose concentrate more and as a result, you feel a sweeter flavor in these fruits. This does not mean that the calories in these foods increase, but that their size is reduced, the main reason we tend to eat larger portions than usual.

Keep in mind that a ration of dried fruit of 25 grams, is equivalent to 100 grams of fresh fruit, that is, if you eat 100 grams of dehydrated apple, you are eating about 4 fresh apples, and as a result 150 calories more than normal.

Therefore, when eating dehydrated fruit, it is necessary to take into account its proportion compared to fresh fruits.

So what do you think which one is the winner? Everything depends on what you are looking for. If you are trying to raise healthy weight, the winner is the dehydrated fruit because it gives you more caloric content in smaller quantities. However, if on the contrary, you want to lose weight, fresh foods will be your best option.


What contains more nutrients?

Studies indicate that dehydrated fruits maintain all their nutrients, except for water-soluble vitamins such as vitamin C, which due to the dehydration process, are reduced in their entirety. It is also important to ensure that these foods are not highly processed, as some brands choose to add sugars and preservatives to prolong the preservation of these products, which could affect your body.

However, not everything is bad. It has been proven that these dehydrated foods contain the same anti-cancer properties of fresh fruits.

Raisins or other types of dried or dehydrated fruits – such as pineapple, plum, peach, banana and orange – maintain the same properties as when they are fresh.

Therefore, eating dried fruits benefits health the same way as eating fresh fruits.

By preserving vitamin C in its components, the winners of this second encounter are without a doubt, the fresh fruits!


One of the main advantages of dehydrated fruits is their duration. These foods can last 6 months if they are stored in a dry place with light and 2 months more if they are kept in a bag without air. Those who do not go through a process of dehydration tend to decompose in a maximum of two weeks.

That said, the dehydrated fruit is ideal to consume in small rest from work or even while you are working as it does not stain and allows you to have your hands free to continue with the work activity, it is also an ideal option for car trips or commuting and as pre food. Since not containing water will be much easier to digest and is less heavy.

In addition, thanks to the fact that fresh fruits are less perishable, they can be obtained throughout the year in those countries with climatic seasons.

The dehydrated fruit is the absolute winner of this last encounter!

Taking into account that both types of food are equally healthy if consumed moderately.

Besides, the fresh fruit is ideal to consume as a dessert at home or to carry in the backpack when we go for a walk on the street; it is also an excellent post-workout food since it hydrates us and provides us with vitamins and nutrients necessary to combat fatigue.

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