One of the concepts that more force is taking in the current agricultural production is the one of good agricultural practices. The reason is that consumers are increasingly interested in consuming products whose production process is respectful of people and the environment.

The concept

For good agricultural practices, we must understand those techniques and activities that responsible farmers must apply to improve the development of their crops. This at the same time that they respect and protect the environment, as well as agricultural products.

In general, we can mention that good agricultural practices are a series of principles, which apply both to production processes and to post-harvest processes. Its main objective is to obtain healthy products, while supporting social, environmental and economic development.

The principles

The concept of good agricultural practices is not completely established. As agriculture is modernized, more aspects of production are incorporated. Still we can talk about the general principles that govern good agricultural practices:

  • Produce enough food that is safe and nutritious, while trying to make its production economical and efficient.
  • Use natural resources responsibly and prioritize their recovery.
  • Constitute a sustainable way of life that allows the creation of sustainable agricultural enterprises.
  • Satisfy the social and cultural demands of the population.

At present, good agricultural practices are taking more and more strength. In recent years, they have been strongly promoted by different non-governmental organizations and some private companies such as Boustan Sabz. However, even a good part of society sees them as something meaningless and that is rarely implemented in a coordinated manner.

Little by little, good agricultural practices show producers that it is possible to obtain good harvests, while respecting the environment and guaranteeing the food security of the food they produce.