The agriculture sector is the most important sector in Afghanistan, which has a significant role in economic growth too. Agriculture and horticulture especially the training of grapevines have been traditionally important in the Afghanistan economy. Grapes and tree crops such as apricot, almond, walnut, and pistachio, among many others, are important sources of food and income in most areas of Afghanistan.

Grapes are the most important agricultural products, which perished due to high humidity. After the harvest, about 20 – 25% is wasted. Good Agricultural Practices, operations management minimizes not only product waste, but also its quality during transportation, storage, processing, packaging, and distribution will be retained. Enhance the professional knowledge of producers, storage providers, processors, retailers, and consumers have an effect on it value chain.

The market continues to lack of facilities, transportation, processing, storage, packaging and grading of goods grapes in the way lost its quality destroy the country’s economy. Because of the shortage of homes equipped with cold storage, processing, packaging, improper transport damage it is growing in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan produces 33000 metric tons of grapes in the world. About 150900 metric tons grape produces in Afghanistan in 2014 -2015 year’s raisin production at 36,000 metric tons. Farmers typically dry 20 to 25 percent of their grape crop to raisin but unfortunately due to shortage of value chain of grape all grape crops sell in internal and external markets like raw material this situation is limited agriculture growth, revenue, employment rate, and earning foreign exchange.

Grape value chain process is important and meanwhile high cost because when a production entre to marketing system different changes happened on that until it arrived in the consumer’s hand.

Boustan Sabz is a Company that since 2007 is responsible for the distribution and marketing of fruits and vegetables. Based in Afghanistan, it supplies its products nationally and internationally. The fruits and vegetables produced by Boustan Sabz Agriculture Company are grapes, pomegranates, plum, apricots, and apple, etc.