In general, we must add leafy vegetables into our diet if we are to receive the nutrients we need for our body to develop favorably. Leafy vegetables are very useful, and they are edible raw. In addition, we have seen their fantastic benefits and the different ways of cooking them being tasty.

Why eat leafy vegetables?

In general, leafy vegetables have many properties in common, because they tend to be antioxidants, with a good supply of minerals and vitamins, they have a lot of fiber, they help to prevent certain diseases such as some types of cancers, and they give the necessary calcium to the bones and protect the heart largely.

Each vegetable has its particular benefits and the best thing is that they offer many possibilities in the kitchen. To accompany, in unique dishes, combined with pasta, fried, grilled, boiled…

The best leafy vegetables you can eat

A recent study that welcomes researchers from Melbourne and the United Kingdom shows that leafy greens are essential to protect the intestinal flora and to limit the ability of harmful bacteria to colonize the intestine. Certain molecules of this type of vegetables, such as E. coli, help improve and maintain intestinal flora and digestive health.

Spinach, iron source

It is always been said that spinach is a source of energy. But, not only that because it also has a lot of fiber, specifically 20% of dietary fiber. It can be taken raw in salads, boiled mixed with a little baicon and mixed with other ingredients, in pasta, in the form of cakes with potatoes and beichamel …

They may be the least liked vegetables, especially the little ones, but believe us when we tell you that there are many reasons to eat spinach.

Broccoli, the complete food

If spinach does not like the little ones, we can say that broccoli is the enemy’s food for children. Its color and the particular flavor makes the little ones run away from it, but its maximum properties make it one of the most complete foods that exist today. It is good to protect the stomach, it is antioxidant, and it strengthens the health of the eyes and is rich in minerals and vitamins.

The most remarkable is Vitamin B2, also rejuvenates the immune system, and deals with certain diseases such as Alzheimer. If not all this were enough, broccoli protects the heart and provides all kinds of nutrients to reduce cholesterol. It is one of the most fiber-rich vegetables, as you can see in our product range.

Lettuce, the most consumed leaf vegetable

Apart from some vegetables that you may like less, lettuce, for example, is an example of leafy greens that taste good on the palate. There are many varieties of lettuce from the French to the Roman and the Creole, and all of them have vitamin C, silicon and fiber, as well as being a perfect ally as a first dish thanks to the salads that allow you to combine multiple healthy ingredients.

Swiss chard boosts your health

The large part of the leafy vegetables are green. This still offers greater benefits, as in the case of chard , which has a taste similar to spinach and provides vitamin E , lutein, zeaxatin … it is good to control the interior, regulate the intestine, and maintain the health of the eyes and the skin.

Arugula, the queen of to accompany the pasta

Italians use Arugula in many dishes of Italian cuisine to flavor, it is a vegetable that provides diversity of vitamins and minerals. It is rich in vitamin A and C, and has calcium. In pastas, in sandwiches, in salads, mainly, and in dishes to accompany meats and fish, its use in the kitchen is strongly extensive.