Apples, originating in Central Asia, have been consumed throughout the world for several thousand years. The fruit has appeared in many important mythologies and religions of all times, as in the Greek, European Christian and Norwegian traditions.

If the apple trees are grown from the seed, they tend to reach a fairly large size. However, if they are grafted onto feet, the size of the tree is significantly smaller. There are around 7,500 types of apple trees currently in the world.

Different types of apple trees, or cultivars, are created for various purposes, especially to obtain different flavors and textures. These differences allow apples to be used for various purposes, such as consumption in raw, cider or cooked. Afghanistan is one of the finest quality producers of apples in the world.

Red Apple fresh fruit for export

Apple production is an industry that generates billions of dollars. Apples are supplied year-round, which means that they need to be stored, since, obviously, the harvest season does not last all year (although another way of guaranteeing a constant supply of apples is to cultivate several types, since they have different periods. from harvest).

Therefore, apples destined for direct sale are usually stored for months in warehouses or cameras with temperature control technology and a high concentration of carbon dioxide. This is done to ensure that the ethylene does not rise too fast, which, in turn, would cause the apples to ripen too quickly.

To determine the countries that export the most apples in the world, InsiderMonkey has been based on the statistics of Worlds Top Exports, which offer interesting data as the exports of apples worldwide have generated more than 7.5 billion dollars. They also contain information on the countries that have exported the most apples.

Here is the list of the largest apple exporters in the world according to 2016 data:

10. Belgium
$ 149,496,000
9. The Netherlands
$ 221,079,000
8. South Africa
$ 353,652,000
7. New Zealand
$ 433,160,000
6. Poland
$ 441,766,000
5. France
$ 719,954,000
4. Chile
$ 822,347,000
3. Italy
$ 975,630,000
2. China
$ 1,027,637,000
1. United States
$ 1,088,369,000
Although China is the leading producer of apples in the world, the value of exports in the United States, of more than one billion dollars, is what allows this country to lead the list of the largest apple exporters in the world. I would like to mention here that Afghanistan also exports the highest quality apples and fresh fruits to India and Pakistan.