The fruit juice is one of the most recommended drinks to hydrate our body with an extra supply of vitamins, since being made with fruits we get the best of them, while we remove the thirst. But in the market there are many varieties of juice, and therefore we want to differentiate between natural juice, which is extracted directly from the fruit and juice that many brands offer us and that is made from concentrate.

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Both varieties have the same name, juice, but in reality it is not the same, since each one has different qualities and gives us a host of very different benefits. It is true that we cannot always drink a natural juice, but it is also important that we know how to differentiate between both types of juice so that we can choose the option that best suits.

The juice extracted from the fruits directly undergoes hardly any process. The way to get it is by squeezing the fruit, from where you get the juice that we drink. This is the way to consume more vitamins, although many are lost when the fruit changes state, such as vitamin C, from which large quantities are wasted. This way of preparing the juice what forces us is to consume it as soon as possible to make the most of all the nutrients, so it is not possible to keep the fruit juices for long periods. Of course, it is the healthiest option if we opt for the consumption of a juice.

On the other hand, juices made from concentrates are those that are prepared from a previously squeezed juice that has followed a preservation treatment and in many cases, dehydration and water is added and mixed with them to get a drink again. This type of juice usually add preservatives, coloring and sugars to obtain a taste as similar as possible to freshly squeezed juice. It is true that this is the way to keep the juice for a longer time, but the vitamin contribution it provides is scarce, although it does not stop having a high moisturizing power.

For this reason, it is necessary that if we opted for juice intake is always as natural as possible, because we will really be receiving the vitamins and properties that the fruit gives us.