Do you like poultry farming? In this post, we tell you how technology influences when applied in poultry production establishments.

In recent years, advances in science and technology have greatly favored the life of men and the industry. Among all these advances, we will focus specifically on how Poultry has evolved thanks to the development of new technological devices.

Benefits of technology in poultry farming

Many establishments dedicated to poultry farming have implemented technology to increase productivity, since based on technological advances, a much more comfortable environment is generated for each of the stages of development of the birds, which allows reducing their mortality rate.

Some farms dedicated to the production of broiler chickens have introduced modern sheds with controlled environments, which allow improving poultry performance from the comfort of the birds. These modern sheds have practical ventilation mechanisms with which the temperature and humidity of the house can be balanced according to the needs of the birds, according to their stage of development. For example, among the technological advances of modern warehouses we can mention the sprinkler peaks and the cooling systems.

To control the temperature inside the house, cellulose cardboard panels are also used, which are wetted to transform the hot air that comes from the outside into cold air. This temperature regulation system is often complemented with other technologies such as drinking troughs and automatic feeders.

As we can see, the technology seeks to create an ideal environment for birds and improve the quality of production. However, the automatic controllers of the environment, sprinklers, lights and ventilation systems require professionals to adapt the parameters according to the needs of the birds, and according to their stage of growth.

So far we have seen how technology and its various innovations constantly benefit the poultry industry and facilitates the work of personnel responsible for birds. If you would like to learn much more about this thriving industry, we invite you to browse the Boustan Poultry Section.