In this article, we want to focus on the application of this type of low consumption heating in poultry farms, and on how this system can improve the chickens raising creating a much cleaner and more conducive environment for this type of activity.

Having said that, let’s continue talking about the benefits of radiant tubes as a heating system for poultry farms:

Improves the air quality of the farm

Generally, it is most common to find heating systems based on the injection of hot air. Everyone knows that generating air currents in a poultry farm generates a large amount of particles in suspension, which significantly impoverishes the quality of the air.

Other traditional systems based on gas burners are very dangerous since they make the combustion of gas in the environment, and without a doubt, they can be a big problem known by all.

Heating systems for poultry farms based on gas radiant tubes do not generate air currents and make the combustion of the gas watertight and therefore do not alter the quality of the air inside the farm at all; in fact, one of the first reactions is the great quality of the air compared to other systems.

Provides immediate heat and comfort feeling similar to the sun

Unlike other heating systems that need to be turned on some time in advance, the gas radiant tube system offers heat immediately and in a way very similar to what sunlight would do. This fact, together with the improvement of the quality of the environment, provides better conditions that undoubtedly help a better production on the farm.

Low installation, maintenance and cleaning cost

Unlike other farm heating systems, the installation of a low consumption heating system for poultry farms using a radiant tube is very simple, like hanging a giant fluorescent lamp from the ceiling. The maintenance cost is very low and cleaning is so easy that you can use a pressure water gun.

Low consumption and energy saving

Whether we compare it with heating systems that inject hot air, or compare it with gas systems. Heating systems for gas radiant tube offer energy savings since they do not need so many air changes per hour.