It is very common to hear comments that agricultural products do not taste the same as before. Now thanks to an investigation those comments may have a scientific basis. In addition, no, the answer is not related to the type of agricultural production system used. The problem is in the refrigeration of the products. Because refrigeration inhibits the production of important compounds for the taste of the products.

Tomatoes no longer taste so good

When someone tells you that tomatoes do not taste as good as before, listen to them, because they are right. But the explanation has nothing to do with the type of agriculture, organic or conventional, but rather with refrigeration. This is what has been concluded by research conducted by researchers at the University of Florida. This research has been presented in the scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

What the researchers discovered is that at low temperatures the synthesis of volatile aromatic compounds decreases. These compounds are fundamental for the development of the characteristic flavor of tomatoes. The leader of the research, Harry Klee, kept ripe tomatoes of pure varieties at 5 ° C for 1, 3 or 7 days. What he found was that at 7 days the levels of volatile compounds are reduced up to 65%.

Refrigeration, solution and problem

Refrigeration is a post-harvest conservation process that is used to increase the shelf life of very diverse products. Within the many physiological processes involved, it inhibits the RIN gene switch. This gene is linked to the ripening of the fruit, so the products, in this case the tomatoes, can be preserved for longer.

However, cooling also affects the inhibition of other genes, in this case those that are related to the synthesis of volatile compounds. For this reason, although refrigeration systems increase shelf life, they also reduce the taste of many agricultural products.

So what do you think? Is there any refrigeration method that did not affect the flavor of the tomatoes?

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