In summer, the queen of fruits is watermelon, especially during the holy month of Ramadan, if it occurs in summer. Refreshing, tasty and sweet, it provides almost 90% water and is the best way to hydrate.

However, it also offers many properties and benefits for health and is suitable for many people. Surely, you will not be missing at the tables during these months. Discover all the benefits of watermelon below so you can include it in your summer diet.

Watermelons contain wide variety of vitamins and minerals

One of its peculiarities is that it contains many nutrients, such as vitamin A, B, C. While its minerals include potassium, magnesium, manganese, iron and phosphorus … in addition to many others, and this regulates the body and the immune system.

Provides lycopene

In addition, watermelon is famous for containing lycopene, the antioxidant pigment that gives the fruit its red color. In addition, this is good to protect the heart.

Maximum hydration

As we have anticipated, the watermelon, next to the melon, is one of the fruits with the greatest amount of water. Therefore, in addition to being one of the fruits of summer, it is recommended during this time because it is one of the healthiest ways to hydrate.

Fat-free and low in calories

Another benefit of watermelon is that it has no fat and is low in calories. Although it carries some sugar, it is lower than in other fruits, making it a good and very healthy fruit.

Antioxidant effect

Thanks to the lycopene and the water it contains, this fruit is highly antioxidant. This fact is fantastic to mitigate aging and repair some wrinkles of our skin that arise over time.

With fiber

Although it has less fiber than other fruits, its quantity is important. Fiber regulates the digestive system, prevents us from constipation and makes us feel better from outside and inside.

Help against muscle pain

Watermelon can also help reduce the pain that appears in certain muscles when we exercise.


Watermelon is very versatile. Therefore, in the kitchen, we can eat it in different ways, in the form of juice, with cheeses, accompanying with other dishes … and at the same time, you want it throughout the day.

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