The first ever grapes and raisins processing factory’s foundation placed by Afghanistan’s CEO H.E. Dr. Abdullah Abdullah on Thursday 6th April 2017 in Bagram, Parwan province.

Afghanistan’s high ranking authorities including, H.E. Dr. Abdullah Abdullah Afghanistan National Unity Government’s CEO, Eng. Mohammad Asim Asim provincial governor of Parwan, Mr. Hamayoon Rasa Minister of Commerce and Industries, Mr. Qadeer Jawad deputy minister of Agriculture, members of Afghanistan’s Parliament, members of Parwan provincial council, Dr. Akram Fazel chairman of Boustan-E-Sabz board of directors, CARD-F’s CEO Mr. Ahmad Farid Nabi, Mr. Wahid Rahman Rahmani leasing director of Afghanistan Independent Land Authority, community elders, Media representatives and many other invitees attendedthe foundation laying ceremony held on Thursday.

H.E. Dr. Abdullah Abdullah highlighted the importance of investment in the agriculture sector, and said“investment in Agriculture sector will pave the road towards self-reliance and cut Afghanistan’s dependency on foreign products”. Furthermore, he appreciated the Donors support of to the agriculture sector and on this note the British and Danish Governments technical and financial support to Comprehensive Agriculture and Rural Development Facility (CARD-F) which, in return CARD-F has pledged to provide technical and financial support for the establishment of this factory.

This factory once become fully functional, will be able to provide some 300 direct and many more indirect jobs to Afghans. It is placed in Parwan as one of the major provinces suitable for growing grapes with approximately 6,700 hectares of vineyards.The expected timeline for the work completion of this factory is six months with initial investment of USD four million from Boustan-E-Sabz agriculture and Livestock Company.The factory will produce fresh and concentrated juice of all kinds of available fruits, process the grapes and raisins not only from Parwan province but indeed from across the country with a view to ensure a viable and sustainable market for the Afghan fresh grapes, fruits and vegetables.

The factory also intends to ensure that optimum value addition is taking place locally and that Afghan fruits, vegetables and grapes/raisins are improved in quality so they comply with international standards for fruit processing.

The factory will have the capacity to process almost 200 tons of raisins and grapes per day of the season. The factory will process the grapes to juice, concentrated juice, raisins, grapes vinegars and other fruits and vegetable products with the internationally accepted standards. It will also include a standard cold storage and equipped with laboratory so that the products can meet the high standard of the international market. The processing machinery for this factory will be provided in accordance to European and American standards, installed by Chinese and French engineers. The company products will be available not for national consumption, but it will also be exported to regional and international markets.