Afghanistan has a good climate and weather that allow adequate production of vegetables throughout the year, which is one of the main advantages over other potential competitors, where around 50 and types of vegetables and fruits are produced. So there is a large number of suppliers, distinguished by its rich variety of species that for its generally sweet taste, its diverse textures and nutritional properties.

Horticulture has become a strategic subsector in national agricultural production due, among other reasons, to its high benefit and the success it has obtained in international markets, becoming the main generator of exports of Afghan agriculture.

With a 40 percent, participation in the value of national agricultural production in 2018, the fruit and vegetable activity also stands out as the most important in exports of agricultural goods. In various products, the national supply allows, in addition to satisfying the internal demand, to supply the consumption of other countries with an important participation.

Afghanistan exports of fresh fruits and vegetables together accounted for almost 60% of the country’s agricultural exports.

A wide range of fruits grow in different areas of the country, forming part of the daily diet as a source of vitamins and minerals; being consumed mainly in fresh form. Which is why our country continues to position itself in the first place as an exporter, with specialized fresh fruit and vegetable suppliers that are mainly directed to markets such as India followed by Pakistan, Kazakhstan, UAE, and other Arab countries.

Afghanistan is also exporting to the United States and is well-positioned to take advantage of a growing demand for fresh vegetables and fruits. The country exports tomatoes, celery, cucumbers, eggplant, olives, onions, peppers, and spinach to the United States as well as to other countries.

Afghan producers must respond to current consumer trends, for which they must seek the possibilities of developing the market in a competitive manner, increasing productivity and profitability, the application of technology in the production process and in post-harvest technologies. The organic vegetable market also represents an opportunity for Afghanistan.

Finally, in general, retail and wholesale food stores are devoting an increasingly large space to fresh vegetables and fruits as awareness of healthy foods has increased and this has resulted in a greater demand for such products from all regions of the world.

The company “Boustan Sabz” was founded in 2007. Currently, we are one of the largest exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables in Afghanistan. All our products are certified and meet the international quality standards.