Boustan-E-Sabz pack house and cold storages are equipped with the most developed system, latest packing equipment and professional employees. They are working on products collected from all afghan growers in order to provide world class afghan agriculture products to the local markets and worldwide countries. 

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Boustan-E-Sabz is performing researches, and training Afghan Growers to develop their skills and improve the quality of afghan agriculture products. There are 40,000 fruit trees, 300 twigs in the nursery, 40 green houses, 5,000 grape vines and other fresh vegetables in our research and training campus.

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Boustan-E-Sabz is committed to improving the productivity of world-class Afghanistan produce. The purpose of this knowledge center is to educate our International Partners on trends and capabilities of Afghanistan agriculture.


Company news


Boustan-E-Sabz Agricultural Company (BES) was established in 2007 on 1,200,000 square meters plat. Its major Activities are development and improvement of agriculture in Afghanistan and exports to other countries worldwide. It is for agriculture products research, and pack house for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables “FF&V” in local markets and exports.

Our successful large performance is now the FF&V contract with US Military in Afghanistan and Kuwait.

BES’s all activities are monitored and supervised by local and international professionals in order to provide products in compliance with international standards...

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