What We Do

Boustan Sabz (BS) is a leading agricultural company in Afghanistan.
Our mission is to create, facilitate and produce high quality agricultural products by using improved production and marketing innovations, value-added production strategies and eco-friendly methodologies that enhance client benefits and satisfaction.




Our Commitment to Quality and Innovation

As part of our commitment to quality and innovation, a hybrid Research and Training Campus was established in 2014 on 120 hectares of land leased from Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock. Featuring advanced technologies and the latest equipment, the facility provides a venue for onsite collaboration which helps accelerate ideation and new product development.


Boustan Sabz Agriculture Company Green Houseompany
Boustan Sabz Agriculture Company Pack House

Achieving Sustainable Growth

A key factor in achieving sustainable growth is a sustainable supply of raw materials at the most basic level.  BS has been working with farmers on a contract basis for the past decade, and it has been a relationship we believe works well for both the farmer and the company.



We have established strategic alliances with a number of local farmers as well as domestic and international organizations. Our excellent relationships with farmers, local communities and government agencies ensure a steady and safe supply of raw materials to meet to meet our growing demand.


As a socially and environmentally responsible company, we are firmly committed to upholding world-class specifications for our products and services, while ensuring quality, safety and efficiency. We have been certified and committed to meet standards of:

22000 Certificate of Boustan Sabz Agriculture Company
ISO 9001 Certificate of Boustan Sabz
10002 Certificate of Boustan Sabz Agricultue Company
SA8000 Certificate of Boustan Sabz Agriculture Company
HACCP Certificate of Boustan Sabz Agriculture Company in Afghanistan
GMP Certificate of Boustan Sabz Agriculture Company
FDA certificate of boustan
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