Farm & Research and Development

As part of our commitment to quality and innovation, a hybrid Research and Training Campus was established in 2014 on 120 hectares of land leased from Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.  Featuring advanced technologies and the latest equipment, the facility provides a venue for onsite collaboration which helps accelerate ideation and new product development.

Pack House and Cold Storage

A state-of-the-art pack house and cold storage facility equipped with 18C freezer rooms is situated in Bagram with close proximity to provincial capital, Kabul and Bagram Air Force Bases, BS Farm, Kabul International Airport, and major ports, which extend our reach to international markets in the Gulf and beyond.


BS has 40 established greenhouses each covering 400 square meter area, which grow a wide range of agricultural products. More greenhouses are planned in the future for extensive production as well as for research and development purposes; part of which will be the two Mega greenhouses making a history in agriculture sector as the first biggest greenhouses in Afghanistan each covering (10,080 square meter) area.

Juice and Dry Fruit Factory

The juice and dry fruit plant is home to 32,400 square feet and stands as one of the most advanced and state-of-the-art juice manufacturing facility in Afghanistan.


Afghanistan produces some of the world’s best fruits and vegetables and these high-value food products are in great demand in international markets.  Buyers in Asia, Europe and America express interest in introducing high quality Afghan agricultural products to their customers and BS is poised to meet these demands.