Tomato is food present in the diet of all gastronomic cultures in all countries of the world. It is a healthy food with multiple beneficial properties for health. The production of tomato products has experienced a noticeable increase in recent years, with the number of products made from this vegetable increasing every time. Economic trends in the tomato processing industry leave little doubt that the demand for canned products in all their forms will continue to increase.

Why Boustan Tomato Paste?

Boustan tomato paste made from 100% natural and fresh tomatoes obtained by our farmers through sustainable production systems that care for the environment and the product. The goal is to keep only the best ones to get the best tomato paste.

  • Boustan Tomato Paste has concentrations of 22-24º Brix.
  • Boustan Paste is as pure and natural as tomatoes.
  • We are a certified company having certifications of ISO 9001, ISO 10002, ISO 22000, FDA, GMP, HACCP, and SA800.

Technological improvements and a constant commitment to innovation allow us to offer a superior quality product, with food safety standards well above those required. Taking care of the production process from planting to harvesting and the conditions of our climate and soil allow us to create a different product, with its own conditions that give our tomato paste international prestige.

All this has allowed us to generate high-quality products derived from fresh tomatoes that are a reference within the market for their excellence.